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Monthly Plan
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Pay per Click Plan
Unlimited Nb of Products*
Access to bidding (SmartBid)

Recommended for “Tiny” Businesses (limited time offer): If you are listing less than 160 products opt for a monthly plan. Where for as little as $29 per month, you get to enjoy all the benefits on being on Shopbot. No longer do you have to count the traffic that gets sent your way. All you have to do is select which products you want listed and pay the monthly fee.

Recommended for “Regular” Businesses: On the other hand, if you have a sizeable product catalogue and you don’t want to pick and choose which products get listed or not on Shopbot. Then Pay-per-click is the best plan for you. This is where you only pay for the traffic that you actually get. No risk, no money lost.

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Let us help you sell more. It’s time to reach consumers while they’re actually making buying decisions. Shopbot brings together shoppers who are on their last step of their “shopping journey” to purchase and reach that final transaction stage.

For over a decade we take pride in being one of the most effective Last-Click channels in the market driving 3X the conversion rate as any average channel.


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We’re a team of shopaholics that have been for more than a decade! Yup, we’re damn proud to be working with business owners of all sizes giving them affordable means to be “seen” online.

Our culture

We help level the playing field to help our merchants rise above the noise of the web, no matter how small the shop. There’s no surprise that we were the 1st price comparison website in Australia.

Life around the globe

Our team is scattered around all corners of the world from Toronto to Sydney, yet we remain connected as a family of shopaholics helping drive the e-commerce industry forward.

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