2001 Audio Video

2001 Audio Video
July 13, 2020 Laisa Lopes

2001 Audio Video was created in 1971 by two brothers in the city of Ontario. What started as a record store selling mostly reggae and disco to local customers, grew into what is known as one of Canada’s largest home entertainment stores. Odds are that if you live in the area, you’ve shopped there before! 

49 years later, 2001 Audio Video continues to provide entertainment to households across Ontario, from TVs to sound systems and home theaters.However, it wasn’t without the challenges that come with the changes of times, facing competition from south of the border and changes in consumer electronics. Here’s a bit more about July’s Merchant of the Month!

A family-based business taking the lead

Leo and Frank Annecchini opened the first store in 1971 on Dovercourt Avenue, a few steps north of Bloor Street in the city of Toronto. 


Source: 2001 Audio Video

Customers would come looking for specific reggae records and they’d scour the town to find it for them. Back then, they were putting customers first, and today, this is still one of the family business’s trademarks. 

With their growing popularity came a need to expand. They had become the biggest reggae sellers in Toronto, so a few years later they expanded their selection of higher end audio products and increased their floor space. By the end of 1977, they owned 6 store fronts going down to the corner of Dovercourt and Bloor.


Source: 2001 Audio Video

The 80s came with big changed.They transitioned out of selling records and focused more on consumer electronics equipment such as stereos and televisions. By 1984 they had 3 stores in Ontario. It was also the year they changed their names and became what we know today as 2001 Audio Video. 

Constantly adapting to the changes in the market, the company changed continuously to cater to demand, from videos and VCRs in the 80s to big screen TVs in the 90s.


Source: 2001 Audio Video

Now, they have 24 locations in Southwestern Ontario, with the Annecchini brothers still behind the steering wheel. Next time you pass by one of their locations, you’ll know all about Shopbot’s Merchant of the Month! 



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