Camera Electronic

Camera Electronic
January 6, 2021 Laisa Lopes

January’s Merchant of the Month was established in 1971 in Perth. Camera Electronic was born at Ronald Frank’s home, and he quickly grew to be recognised and respected for quality and knowledge within the photographic industry. 

Together with the increase in reputation came demand and growth. Ronald opened Camera Electronic’s first retail store in Angove Street in North Perth. They grew to become an established Perth Icon, moving to larger premises in Fitzgerald Street in 1988 and then to Stirling Street in 1996. This is the official and current home, featuring a custom-designed showroom and spacious workshops. 

“Over the past 49 years, Camera Electronic has risen to become one of Australia’s premier industry leaders in imaging.”

In 2008, Ronald retired and handed the business over to his two sons, Saul and Howard. Since then, they’ve been dedicated to taking Camera Electronic to new heights. Customers can find the latest equipment at the store and try them out on in-house photo walks and workshops. In 2010 they opened their education affiliate partner Shoot Photography Workshops. Located just next door, they provide practical learning experiences in all aspects of photography. 

“At Camera Electronic we strive to service, educate and support your photographic and imaging solutions.”


The Frank brothers: Saul (left) and Howard (right). Source:

To celebrate their 40th anniversary in 2011, Saul and Howard implemented the business’s new branding. In 2015, the Photo Live Expo was organised and inaugurated by Camera Electronic. It’s the country’s largest consumer photographic expo and has since doubled in size, making Perth the home of a unique event. In 2016 they opened another store in Perth on Murray Street and they’ have continuously shown support for local businesses and photography competition. 


Inside Camera Electronic at Murray Street. Source:

At the end of last year, they opened their third store, this time on Hay Street.  This store is dedicated to travellers looking for equipment to use in outdoor terrains, which differs from the other two stores that focus on pro-photography. On Hay Street, customers will also find drones, robotics and waterproof equipment. While they’ll continue having a strong online presence, consumers can continue to stop by and have one-on-one customer experience.

“It is good to try something new and different, even in tougher times,” said Saul.

Camera Electronic has trusted Shopbot as a partner since 2018. This year they’ll celebrate their 50th anniversary. Let’s give them a shout! You can find their products here


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