Home Coffee Solutions

Home Coffee Solutions
March 5, 2021 Laisa Lopes

For many of us, our mornings don’t start without a good cup of coffee. Whether you have it with a hearty breakfast or a bagel on the move, coffee is part of the daily life of two-thirds of Canadians. Home Coffee Solutions understands this and makes it their priority to give fellow coffee lovers the best coffee and equipment they can get. That’s why they are our Merchant of the Month! 

Claudio David, owner and CEO of HCS, saw an opportunity to cater to a growing industry after providing offices across Toronto with top-notch coffee, equipment and service for 13 years. He got enough requests to realize that customers wanted the same but in their home kitchens. So in 2009, he expanded his business, Office Coffee Solutions, and created Home Coffee Solutions. In total, he’s been in the industry for 25 years. 

We know what happens when people don’t get their coffee. Keys are lost, traffic is terrible, children are crying, and work is unbearable. That’s we try to keep to a simple promise: The Coffee You Want, When You Need It. Since some mornings, you really really need it.

In 2020, coffee drinkers in Canada drank on average 2.7 cups of hot caffeinated beverages per day. This figure has been evolving for the past ten years, leaving no doubt that Canadians are coffee lovers. To cater to demand, Home Coffee Solutions now has a brick and mortar store in the Greater Toronto Area and an easy-to-use online shop that delivers across the country. 


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HCS offers a great selection of coffee makers that includes renowned names such as Keurig, Tassimo and Illy, among others. From equipment to grain, they’ve got you covered. They boost a handpicked coffee selection with hundreds of options to choose from, such as whole bean coffee, pre-ground coffee, and espresso blends. They pride themselves on their complete collection of single-serve options like Keurig K-Cup® Pods. 


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To meet demands and provide their customers with the best experience, HCS continuously expands its catalogue to offer more local, artisanal, and sustainable coffee and tea blends. That’s right, they haven’t forgotten about tea lovers either.

We carry tea options that are hand-blended in Toronto, like Pluck Tea, and whole bean coffee blends like Doi Chaang, who go Beyond Fair Trade with their co-owned coffee business from Thailand.

You can take a tour of their online shop to discover an array of options or dive into their blog.  

Home Coffee Solution has trusted Shopbot as a partner since 2020.  You can find their products here.



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