November 3, 2020 Laisa Lopes was founded in 2009 on one simple principle: to bring fresh, high-quality coffee to everyone. November’s Merchant of the Month is located in Milton, Ontario, and they take quality very seriously. That’s why they’ve curated an unparalleled selection of the finest coffee equipment, espresso machines, and accessories.


Their showroom is in Alliance Road, where the beans are roasted. For coffee lovers from outside the Ontario area, an online store is also available and super comprehensive. iDrinkCoffee caters to different tastes by getting the best beans from around the world, then locally roasting and delivering to their customer’s doorstep. 

“Whether you’re a coffee aficionado, cafe owner, or simply looking to refine your morning brew, iDrinkCoffee delivers everything you need to brew superb coffee anywhere.”

iDrinkCoffee is devoted to coffee, and they pride themselves in their top-notch customer service. They’ve got expert baristas in their team, and they’re also available by phone in case of enquiries. For them, it’s important that every customer knows how to use and maintain their machine. Also, by offering competitive prices, they provide everyone with the opportunity to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee. 

“Our product line is indicative of our commitment to coffee. We continue to scour the globe for unique products that are of interest to coffee enthusiasts, even if those products are small volume or impractical. We have hands-on experience with every item we sell.”


To top it off, they really do bring the community out of the passion for coffee. Coffee lovers can join the Club and access exclusive rewards as well as exciting perks. In addition, they offer educational resources for enthusiasts interested in learning more about finely crafted, cafe-quality coffee. In times like these, where we’re spending a lot of time at home, having a fresh cup of coffee at hand can really make the best out of the experience. 



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