Inspire Me Naturally

Inspire Me Naturally
May 17, 2021 Laisa Lopes

Created in 2015, Inspire Me Naturally is an Australian owned and operated family company. Based at Arundel, at Gold Coast, this “health-conscious” business is May’s Merchant of the Month. 

Created with the purpose to help customers get back to nature and nurture their inner selves and well-being, Inspire Me Naturally has a complete catalogue. You can find Crafted Salt Lamps, Natural Salt Lamps, Essential Oils, Ultrasonic Diffusers, and so much more. 

Janice, the creator of Inspire Me Naturally, explains that their philosophy is to:

“Promote a healthy lifestyle with all-natural products. We believe that not only does it matter what goes into your body but what goes on it is equally important. We are an innovative organisation providing all-natural alternatives to what’s on offer in the marketplace.”

Janice talked about why she went down the healthy road that led her to open this business. When her daughter was diagnosed with ADHD 20 years ago, she didn’t opt for the traditional treatment based on medicine, going instead for a change in diet and lifestyle. As a result, her daughter went on to have a successful life, becoming a healthy adult. 

As a single mum of four, Janice is the perfect example that it is possible to start and run a family business, no matter the niche. 

Inspire Me Naturally has been a Shopbot partner since 2015. You can find their products here.



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