ITM Instruments

ITM Instruments
February 3, 2021 Laisa Lopes

February’s Merchant of the Month is a 100% Canadian-owned company specializing in a field that may not be known to some of us. ITM Instruments is one of the country’s leading sources of test, measurement, control and calibration instrumentation.

Founded in 1983, ITM Instruments provides products, applications engineering expertise, repair and calibration services. They have provided the Canadian market specialized knowledge and hands-on field experience in the instrumentation field for the past 38 years. That alone is a testament to their ‘savoir-faire’.

ITM Instruments operate coast to coast, from Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. Their customer service and sales support are renowned and illustrated by the collection of positive reviews on their physical and online service.

“We continue to be a forward-thinking business that is constantly striving to improve our operations in response to ever increasing technological demands.”

As part of an industry that could be seen as not “trendy” for the e-commerce world, they prove that there are many opportunities and potential for every market. On their online shop, you can find test, measurement, control and calibration instrumentation. These products come in various forms and shapes, and they touch different areas such as electricity, force and weight, gas and combustion, pH and water quality, pressure, sound, temperature, vibration, and much more! When you look at it, it’s fascinating and exciting.


They offer a selection of more than 200 000 products from over 300 manufacturers. To keep up with technological advances, they’re continuously expanding. Before making any purchasing decision, you can live chat with their technical specialists online.  

ITM Instruments created a University that offers a seminar and webinars on a variety of topics presented by their very own in-house experts. 


ITM Instruments has trusted Shopbot as a partner since 2017.  You can find their products here.


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