McHardy Vacuum

McHardy Vacuum
January 6, 2021 Laisa Lopes

McHardy Vacuum’s origins date back to 1946 when J.C. McHardy began selling Hoover uprights door-to-door in London Ontario. That year he received the prestigious King Trophy for being a Hoover top salesman. 

From humble beginnings, born from a mission to not only sell vacuums but to serve a higher calling.  McHardy has grown into one of the largest privately-owned vacuum and cleaning companies in North America. January’s Merchant of the Month is a Canadian expert in all types of vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, hardwood cleaners, carpet stain removers and much more.


Source: McHardy Vacuum

J.C. McHardy saw a need to serve customer needs in an industry dominated by corporate stores. He had an idea of opening his own store to sell multiple brands and cater to local shoppers. This got him fired from Hoover, which jump-started the creation of McHardy Vacuum. In 1952, he pioneered the first multi-branded vacuum cleaner store in London, Ontario, offering sales and services. 


Source: McHardy Vacuum

10 years later, McHardy Vacuum moved to Dundas Street, one of its current locations. Central vacuums were introduced to the London market in 1977, replacing low powered uprights as a powerful option. In 1982, they purchased the store next door, completing the current building configuration.  

Source: McHardy Vacuum

McHardy’s son, Phil, took over in 1987 and spearheaded the expansion over the next two decades, turning the company into an industry leader known for its products and customer service.

In 2007, McHardy Vacuum saw an update in the facade and the launch of their new website. Two years later, they opened a second location in the northwest of London, and they launched a web store servicing all of Canada. They expanded into the Toronto area in 2017. 


69 years after opening the first store, the company remains in the family now led by Graham Stuart. McHardy Vacuum has trusted Shopbot as a partner since 2010.  You can find their products here



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