Nature’s Wonderland

Nature’s Wonderland
March 5, 2021 Laisa Lopes

Created in 1996 in Queensland, Nature’s Wonderland is a family-owned and operated business. They are dedicated to providing health and wellness products that users can find on their brick and mortar store and online. Nature’s Wonderland is our Merchant of the Month!

They ventured into the online world in the early 2000s, and since then, Nature’s Wonderland has been building a reputation of excellence. They offer a series of brands and products such as aroma diffuser. Users can find appliances such as humidifiers & dehumidifiers, blenders and dehydrators, bath and body products, an entire DIY section, as well as a wide array of selection under Eco Home and Wellness. 

Run under their mother’s guidance, Mikayla, the four siblings Nicholas, Katinka, Tamara and Natasha, are behind the Mini Katana Group. It’s a group of companies owned and run by the Thorondor family that encompasses not only Nature’s Wonderland but also Excalibur Dehydrators Australia, Angel Juicers Australia and Akela and Hydrogen Water.

Together, they have built a thriving store based on the foundations of offering quality products, insightful information and excellent service. They are dedicated to sustainable development as a mainstay of their business. Nature’s Wonderland is a reproduction of their concept of life. 

We encourage and recommend a Sustainable way of life. The environment is as important to a person’s well being as is Good Food, Water and Air, so we have fitted out our Showroom ensuring all that is depicted.

Nature’s Wonderland’s mission is to provide not only the best health and wellness products, but also high quality service and information. Head over to their online shops to discover a world of news, information and tips on a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, and more. 

Nature’s Wonderland has trusted Shopbot as a partner since 2020.  You can find their products here.



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