February 3, 2021 Laisa Lopes

Our February’s Merchant of the Month is a creative hub for professional photography, television and video production image-makers. Located in Alexandria, Sydney in a beautiful renovated 1930s woolshed, SUNSTUDIOS is a destination for expert imaging servicing the growing pool of professionals across the diverse market. 

The 2,400 square metre building provides a contemporary haven in a renovated environment. At the heart of the hub is an atrium with a hanging garden that serves as a gallery. There are also five versatile studios for hire in the complex, a lighting and camera rental department, a retail showroom, a fine arts printing service and an in-house café. Within SUNSTUDIOS is the Treehouse, a co-working space that provides the visual creators’ community with an environment to connect and grow..


If you’re not from Sydney, don’t worry. SUNSTUDIOS is also present in Melbourne. The facilities are smaller but not less important. The newly-built hub includes two photography studios for hire, fully equipped with cyclorama, black curtains, private green rooms, kitchenette, dining area and much more. There’s also a department of lighting and camera equipment for hire. In addition, the Sky Light Gallery was recently launched and showcases the studio’s new fine arts printing capacity.


More than a hub in two of Australia’s largest cities, SUNSTUDIOS can also be found online. For those that are looking for quality imaging products, their website also features an online shop. You’ll discover camera and video equipment, accessories, printers and more. 


Sun Studios, a studio and equipment rental business/pro dealer, was bought by Canon in 2014 and has been continuously evolving as a key player in support of the local industry since 2016.

SUNSTUDIOS’s business model was created from the ground up, to provide the creative community with a home. This comes in different forms, including signature exhibitions of local artists, workshops and events. Both locations have been expertly designed and come fully-equipped so users can focus on creating the best imagery possible. The hubs are known for being unique in Australia.


SUNSTUDIOS has trusted Shopbot as a partner since 2018.  You can find their products here.


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